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Helpful hints



Bedroom door won't stay open?

Try taking the hinge pin out and bending slighlty with a hammer, and replace. Door should still swing freely but won't close by itself.

2. Have a long board your trying to install yourself?

     Try putting a nail or a screw in on the other side from where your working and set the board on the screw, attach the one side your at with on nail and go to the other side and attach board, or try using a dead leg, screw a temporary board onto the board your trying to install at about the same height as your installing your board.

3. Think your roof is leaking?

      Water stains appearing on your ceilings?  Your roof might not be leaking it could be a couple of other problems. 

        If the leak occurs around your chimney it could be a flashing issue, porous brick, deteriorated motor joints, cracked cap.  Flashing, you   would have to go on roof and inspect the flashing around the chimney for wholes, missing flashing, flashing that was installed wrong.  Porous brick, on newer build chimneys the brick that is made today is alot more porous than older brick. Therefore the chimney would have to be sealed with a clear masonry sealant.  Deteriorated motor joints and cracked cap would have to be remotored, by removing any loose motor that can be scraped out with a wire brush and then remotored,  you should then seal your chimney with a clear masonary sealant.

      If you have an air conditioning unit in your attic make sure that there is a drip pan under the unit and make sure the drain is working.  Otherwise condensation from the unit could be dripping on to the insulation and sheetrock causing stains and possibly mold.

      Make sure your bathroom exhaust vans are woking properly and are vented correctly.  If they are not vented correctly they could be blowing hot moist air into your attic causing condensation on sheetrock and possibly mold. 

      In the winter month of extreme cold you could have alot of moisture in your attic becuase it is zero degrees out and seventy degrees inside your house.  It is because of the dramitic temperature change that happens in your attic.

      Heat loss in your ceiling caused from a whole house fan or pull down attic stairs or scuddle whole with out proper insulation around them. Fix would be to buy a sheet of 1 1/2" or 2" rigid foam and make a box around them.  This will not only help stop condesation from forming in your attic but will also make your house more energy efficient,

4.   Hard to close your interior door?

        Is your door rubbing and tough close?  Often over time the screws in the hinges loosen up, check to make sure all the screws in the hinges are tight and see if that makes a difference. If it doesn't, determine where the door is rubbing?  If it is rubbing towards the top, door knob side, it probably needs is a hinge screw. On the top hinge remove the center screw and if it is a short screw replace with a 3" screw and just snug up the screw, then give it a turn or two more to help to lift the door.

5.   Problem door knob?

        Is your door knob loose or not working properly?   If your door knob is loose and keeps loosing up, take out one screw out of the door knob add apply a little lock tight to the screw and replace, do the same to the other screw.  If the screws where the plunger keep loosing up and won't stay tight, take the screws out and use a golf tee or cut a small piece of wood and put into the screw whole and cut flush then replace the screws and they should tighten up.

       Is your key not working properly in your locks any more?  Try getting some powdered graphite ( Home Depot or Lowe's sells) and squirt a little into the key whole and then insert and twist you key a couple of times. Should make that stubborn lock work better, also works well on any lock you have, pad lock, auto,  lasts longer than WD-40.

6.    Front door hard to close?

         Most quality exterior hinged doors have an adjustable threshold on them.  Over time they will need to be adjusted, sometimes the door rubs or there could be a draft under the door.  Depending on your situation you might have to raise the threshold by turning the screws on the threshold counterclockwise to elminate the draft or clockwise to lower the threshold so the door doesn't rub.  If your door does not have an adjustable threshold  and the door rubs along the threshold you can remove the center screw on the top hinge and replace it with a 3" screw. Drive the new screw in just till it snugs up the hinge, check to see if door operates any better if it still rubs give the screw another turn or two to help lift the door.

7.    Ice dams?

        Most people, especially a few years ago, have had an issue with ice dams in the winter time.  There are several reasons ice dams occur.  One is your attic is not properly insulated, which is the main culprit.  Heat rises in your home and if your attic is not properly insulated all that heat in your home goes up into your attic, and during the day melts the snow faster.  As nite falls it starts to freeze up again and as this happens over and over again it works its way up and under your shingles, causing a leaks.  So you think you will go up and shovel the roof ? To get rid of the snow where the leaks are.  Bad idea.  I'll use my roof rake and clean the snow off. Bad idea. Just by walking on your roof you can create ice dams with your foot prints.  Banging your roof rake aroung on your roof can cause ice dams.  If you have ice dams and water comng your house you need to remove ALL snow from your roof to stop them.  Not just some of the snow.  It is alot of work removing snow from your roof, not only dangerous being on the roof ,you have to becareful where you throw the snow down and not create an even bigger clean up.  To help solve this issue look into you attic and see how much insulation you have.  You should have a minumun of R-38 which is about 12"' of insulation in your attic.  Whats under your shingles? Old tar paper?  On new roofs underneath should have a minum of six feet of water and ice barrier going up your roofs.  Adding more insulation to you attic not only helps prevent ice dams but also many other propblems that could occur, and the biggest thing is makeing your house more energy effien. This helps saves you money over time.  You can do it yourself either with batts or renting  machine at Home Depot or Lowe's that blowes in the insulation.

8.   Sliding door hard to slide?

       If your sliding door is getting hard to slide, clean the bottom track of all the dirt and debris that fills up in the track than squirt some dish soap onto the track. This will help to lubricate the track and make the door roll easier.  If it doesn't you may want to look and see if the rollers on the bottom of the door are working, may want to spray them with silicone spray (lasts longer than WD-40).  Check the door to see that the door is not rubbing at he bottom. If it is, try adjusting the rollers to raise the door up off the frame. 

9.   Stains or marks can't get rid of?

        Have some stains or marks on your counter top, sink, siding, Mascara stains nail polish, use a little WD- 40 But do not use WD- 40 on hinges becuase it will make dust and dirt stick to them causeing them to turn brown and sometimes make the hinge sticky.